free and open source accessible bitcoin wallet

Wallety features

The cryptocurrencies is for everyone, not just those who see and move well. We building open source wallets and other solutions for inclusion, rather than exclusion, increases access for people of all abilities


Compatibility with speech software, special hardwares, braille printers and embossers, and braille displays


Navigation without mouse, navigation with special hardwares, text to speech and screen reader compatibility, voice control


Useful wallet, and other solutions for blind and visually impaired people. High contrast surface, zoomable texts, easly memorizable layout, useful menus

The Wallety Project

Phase One:

Wallety UI

Bitcoin Wallet with all function

Brain wallet functionality

Compatible with screen reader/text to speech softwares

Users can manage without mouse

Shortcuts for all function

Users can manage with voice command

Navigation without dropdown menu

Easy remember layout

Zoomable texts, fields and menus

High contrast color versions

Iconless navigation, and managing

Paper wallet generator, with braille printer and embosser support

Braille display support

Fullscreen wallet support

Phase Two:

Wallet for other cryptocurrencyes, altcoins

Accessible exchange platform

If you think, our work is an important thing, please support us with your ideas, with sharings or donate our project.


We are happy to answer all your question. Please write us to

Wallety Development Team – La Fabrica, 38618 Los Abrigos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain